Spectrum Surgical Solutions is a leader in the procurement and supply of used, pre-owned and refurbished surgical and medical equipment. We buy and sell used and refurbished surgical equipment, operating room equipment, endoscopy equipment, patient monitors, imaging systems and a wide variety of miscellaneous pre-owned medical and hospital equipment.

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Supplier of Pre-Owned Surgical and Medical Equipment:

Spectrum Surgical Solutions, Inc. is a leader in the procurement and supply of pre-owned surgical and medical equipment. We are committed to providing high QUALITY technology that organizations require to treat patients in today?s diverse healthcare settings.

Spectrum Surgical Solutions, Inc. caters to healthcare facilities of all sizes ranging from the smallest physician offices to the largest hospitals. We understand that healthcare budgets are shrinking, and organizations like yours are challenged to deliver more with less. Spectrum Surgical Solutions, Inc. negotiates on your behalf, and we take great CARE to secure the most competitive pricing for our clients.

We are the single source you need to acquire equipment, avoiding time-intensive meetings with multiple sales representatives. Spectrum Surgical Solutions, Inc. is connected to an extensive network of contacts and vendors.

Our goal is to deliver reliable products and outstanding service to ensure your complete SATISFACTION. We strive to develop long-lasting relationships based on clear communication, mutual trust and high quality products so you have the same comfort level buying pre-owned equipment as when buying new.

Endoscopes Imaging Equipment Operating Room & Surgical Patient Monitors Misc


Arthroscopic Shaving Systems
Camera Systems
Digital Video Recording Systems
Flexible Scopes
High Resolution Video Monitors
High Resolution Video Printers
Light Sources
Rigid Scopes
Scope Hardware
Video Processors


Bone Densitometers
CT Scanners
Mini C-Arms
Pain Management Tables
Portable X-Ray


Anesthesia Machines
Boom Systems
Electrosurgical Units
Harmonic Scalpels
Liposuction Units
Orthopedic Power Equipment
Surgical Lights
Surgical Microscopes
Surgical Tables


Agent Monitors
Blood Pressure Monitors
CO2 Monitors
Fetal Monitors
Multiparameter Monitors
Pulse Oximeters
Telemetry Systems


Blanket Warmers
Exam Lights
Exam Tables
Head Lamp Systems
Hospital Beds
Infusion and
Syringe Pumps
Sequential Compression Devices
Stainless Steel
Stress Test Systems
Suction Pumps
Warming Cabinets

  Home    Endoscopes    Imaging Equipment    Surgical & O.R.    Patient Monitoring    Miscellaneous    Equipment Wanted to Buy   
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Spectrum Surgical Solutions, Inc.   ·   Jennifer Hamick, President and Consultant   ·   Direct: 773.551.9006

Billing Address:

Spectrum Surgical Solutions
9207 Beaver Pond Court
Village of Lakewood, Illinois 60014

TEL: 815.893.0505
FAX: 815.477.7537
Warehouse Address:

Spectrum Surgical Solutions
6610 South Union Road
Union, Illinois 60180


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